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Happy Holidays

SO naturally we took another break thanks to us being wiped out from the semester. Jayne (our next contributor) is currently away in London for the holidays. SO just hold tight until we can all meet again.

Sorry for the delay and hope everyone is having the best of holidays!


Week: 3 

Theme: Woodcut

Artist: Umme Alam

Before the suns, the stars and the planets were cast out and made into the universe there was The Ocean, a mass so vast and dark that existed beyond reality and within it’s centre swam The Stars and the Caretaker. The Stars, phantasmal orbs of light were strung together by pearly strands from atop the Caretaker’s head, Who loved and cared for them dearly. But the peace never lasted,for the Ocean was plagued by the Firebirds, beasts of fire and wrath that consumed the Stars leaving holes of oblivion that sucked all and sundry into them.
Having lost so many strands to the Firebirds and unable to stop them the Caretaker conceived an idea. They imagined a protector, strong and fast to withstand and drive of the invaders. Emboldened, They set to work spinning and weaving strands plucked from Their head till the bundle grew stronger and harder taking shape and life. Thus the Comet was created a twinning flame to match the Firebirds’ blaze.
However, though the Comet fought and expelled the menace of the Firebirds it came at a cost. So fierce the two forces battled that the strands of Stars snapped and drifted away .
This is how the universe came to be, strands of Stars gathering around Suns, those half consumed orbs rescued by the Comet and the Caretaker who till this day watch over the Stars and battle the threat of the Firebirds

( Inspired by old woodcuts of astrology, a more fantastical interpretation of heavenly bodies and how they came to be. Sorry for any grammatical errors, English isn’t my first language but I’m determined to improve on it. Thank you Jayne and Emily for inviting me to the project and I hope everyone enjoys my work! : D )

Week: 2

Theme: Flight

Artist: Emily Cannon

It wasn’t that Gabe was generally unliked. It’s just that in the company of his model older brother, his peers and his classmates, he was just the tiniest bit unnoticeable. He was also a good deal shorter and most likely overlooked by all. When games were played, he was the last to be picked, and when plans were made, he was rarely to be found. So that summer, Gabe found himself quite without company and friends.

That is until Sylvia moved into the house next door. Sylvia was not like most girls Gabe’s age. Other girls wouldn’t play catch with him or make up fantastical quests for the two to embark on. Other girls didn’t have a stay-at-home mother studying to get a degree in witchcraft, or a sister accidentally cursed to believe she was a frog. Most girls didn’t float away like balloons when they giggled.

But Sylvia was always happy to see Gabe, and her family was always very kind to him, even the bespectacled grandfather that tinkers with time and scared off with whistles. He didn’t really mind that the house occasionally changed colors, or that sometimes he would have to hold Sylvia’s hand as she bobbed down the sidewalk to prevent her from flying away.

It at least would prove an interesting summer for Gabe.

(I was really inspired by the Light Princess, the Scottish fairy tale and new musical by Tori Amos. I wanted to create a character that would literally float away on happiness. Unlike the princess in the fairy tale, Sylvia is plagued by the whole spectrum of emotions. When she is joyful she lifts right up off the ground. When she’s sad, large salty tears well up and she could dissolve into a puddle. She’s a very cheerful girl thankfully, and doesn’t hold back in anything. When she likes something she gives it her full attention.

Gabe, short for Gabriel, isn’t a quiet kid except in comparison to Sylvia. He’s rather patient and is used to being nudged out of the limelight by his nearly perfect older brother. So when Sylvia chooses him to be her best friend, he’s secretly very happy to be noticed. He’s a sweetheart in every way, but also tends to be a bit of a push over.

Not the usual amount of work, but this is a project I want to return to. These two are adorable to draw and plan. >w< Also, shout out to Umme, our newest member who’s debuting next week.)

Week: 1

Theme: Viking

Artist: Jayne Whitaker

Brave Seventh-Grade Viking Warrior” by Taylor Mali

Week: 1

Theme: Horns

Artist: Jayne Whitaker

Old Tales (written by Jayne W.)

"It had been a while since I had seen the old place. It was my favorite vacation spot as a kid. However, when my Dad died, there wasn’t much reason for my mother to take me all the way out to my grandfather’s anymore. Being father-in-law and daughter-in-law, they didn’t seem to get along well.

I just wished she would have let me go see him more often. Even if they didn’t sit well together, my Grandfather and I were peas in a pod.

The few times I got to visit, we would spend hours in his study where he kept  his horn collection. My Grandfather had traveled a lot, and over the years he had gathered a wide variety of horn based artifacts. Every place he visited, he was sure to return with some sort of trumpet, religious piece, long bow, flask, or other indigenous art crafted from the horns of local livestock. He was kind of a renaissance man, and was interested in everything from art, to history, to biology to sociology, so, I guess the horns were representative of that.

It was great, because as soon as I took interest in something new he had collected, my Grandfather would begin to weave a story behind it. Most kids don’t take too much interest in what their elders have to say, but my Grandfather was very passionate about his stories, often using props and costumes to facilitate them.

At the end of each tale he would manage to convince me that everything he said was true. Of course I later learned just how exaggerated they were, but that never mattered to me. What mattered was how he got me interested in the outside world. His stories were what inspired me to pursue a history major at Yale. My Grandfather was ecstatic when I was admitted to his Alma mater, but unfortunately, he wasn’t around long enough to see me graduate.

That’s why it’s a miracle that I get to visit his old place even now. When he passed on, he had intended the house and it’s collections to go to me, but since I was in college and my mother did not want anything to do with it, my cousins were kind enough to hang on to the old place for a while as a vacation home. But, it’s been several years since then. I have a small family of my own now, and my cousins are getting ready to sell the place.

A lot of my memories of Grandpa’s old house are faded, but it’s still strange to see it so empty. I walk around a little bit to see if I can find any familiarity, but after a couple futile hours I decide to finally get around to getting my work done.

While my cousins and I, all agreed that the house should go, they still encouraged me to take what I wanted from Grandpa’s old collection as he had wanted me to. There’s no way I can keep all of it. So, I guess I’ll donate the rest to a museum. (The collection needs a good home.)

I start making my way towards the study, (the only room I hadn’t visited), to find that the door was already open.

I peaked inside to find my 6 year old daughter, Angie, pretending to be a matador against 2 horns on the wall that were clearly her bull. I smiled and watched her for several minutes before she noticed I was in the room. But as soon as she saw me, she grabbed my arm, dragged me across the room, and put the 2 horns from the wall into my hands.

"Now you’re a magical golden bull! I’m gonna fight you! But then I’m going to make you my friend and then we’ll go save the prince together!  RAAAH!!” Angie cried as she jabbed me with yet another horn she had found from the collection on the wall.

While my Grandfather is gone, and this is my last time in his house, and most of his collection will be donated to museums, I’m just happy that his love for storytelling will be in the family for a while longer.”

Hiatus Appologies and New Agenda

Hey guys!

Jayne here! I am so sorry you have had to wait so long for the next story!

I have been incredibly distracted by school work, and I have also been busy going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what is behind some pretty severe symptoms I have been having. :(

In the mean time…you probably want some proper updates!

From here on we are starting from scratch, and here is the plan!

  • Tonight I will post the two stories I have been over due for (themes: “Horns”, and “Viking”) and they will count as week 1.
  • Emily will post the next week, with her theme: “Flight” (This will count as week 2.)
  • And for week 3!!! (drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We will have a new artist on the team! Our dear friend and class mate, Miss Umme Alam! (She will post the weekend after Emily, and her story theme is “Woodcut”.
  • The cycle will continue with me again the following week.
  • Umme will continue to be a part of our team for the foreseeable future. :)
  • Stories from here on will be condensed into one post each! (Not to worry, you will still be getting the same amount of content! We just won’t be bombarding your dash with multiple, difficult to sort through, posts each week!)

With this new system we will be able to devote ourselves more time to create quality work, but still giving you a new story each week! :)

We hope you enjoy our efforts!


-Jayne W.

cleverness and riddles

cleverness and riddles

He’s not very good at this

A mix for those seeking adventure, fantastic beasts, and sights like never before seen.



This week has been a nightmare. This is growing to be an unpleasant trend for me. Yikes. 

In the mean time, enjoy this little collection for the “travel” theme. With the announcement of the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them.” is it any surprise that I took it as inspiration for the prompt. While it’s not a full-fledged story, it’s certainly what I hope to see in the film. I want scenic travels and extraordinary creatures in my life.

At the end of this week we’ll have our lovely Jayne upload her series for “Horns”. Then we’ll finally be on track for the project again.